9.0 SWIM Model Search FAQ

Can I be under 18?
Unfortunately no, we require you to be over 18 as you will be catching a flight and staying in your own accommodation by yourself. We understand you may feel like you're capable of doing this if you're under 18, however we have your best interests at heart and safety is our number one priority!

Do I have to upload a bikini picture?
No you are welcome to upload a picture wearing anything you like!

Can I enter multiple times?
Yes of course, you are able to enter once a day - it can be a different photo than before too!

Does the picture need to be full-length?
Yes, that means showing your head and feet! We want to make sure we see your gorge bod & face in your pics when voting!

What counts as unedited?
By this, we mean no heavy contrasts where we are unable to see your face. We also don't want to see Facetuned/Photoshopped images that alter your size or shape. A light filter such as VSCO is fine.

When can people vote?
Our voting commences on 17th November 2017. You will be linked on Instagram & Facebook to the voting page for the final 10.

Is it just Beginning Boutique voting, or will my friends be able to vote?
Beginning Boutique will only be narrowing down the finalists. Voting on the top 10 will be open to the public. Of course, if you're part of the top 10, we recommend sharing the competition and getting all your friends to vote for you!

When will you be holding a competition for under 18s?
We don't have anything planned right now, but we will definitely work on something for the future!



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