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Members only rewards

Our Level 2, 3 & 4 members are eligible to collect tickets on every purchase or whenever you level up. Swap your tickets for some amazing rewards (we mean it, they’re good)! Tickets are valid for 3 months. You can spend them on your next purchase over $50 or save them for something good. Make your choice… our freebies are updated regularly with limited quantities!

Shop & Unlock Perks!

Your level is determined by your yearly spend. Shop to unlock those perks!

The Benefits

Level 1

Yearly Spend $0-250

Welcome! We love having you here.

  • $10 birthday voucher
  • Early access to sales
  • 15% off tier entry offer

Level 2

Yearly Spend $251-500

Ok, style queen! We love your look.

  • $20 birthday voucher
  • Early access to sales
  • 20% off tier entry offer
  • Earn tickets on every purchase to redeem for freebies
  • 2 ticket tier entry bonus

Level 3

Yearly Spend $501-$1,000

You’ve got the cutest wardrobe out.

  • $30 birthday voucher
  • Early Access To Sales
  • 25% off tier entry offer
  • Earn tickets on every purchase to redeem for freebies
  • 3 ticket tier entry bonus
  • Free standard shipping on every order

Level 4

Yearly Spend $1,001+

You’re our Beyonce. Our Taylor Swift. Our official BFFs.

  • $40 birthday voucher
  • Early access to sales
  • 30% off tier entry offer
  • Earn tickets on every purchase to redeem for freebies
  • 4 ticket tier entry bonus
  • Free express shipping on every order
  • Priority shipping
  • VIP customer care access
  • Yearly goodie bag


  • How do I join the It List?+

    Simply create an account here . It’s free to join! If you already have an account with us then you are already enrolled in the program so you can kick back, sign in and check your points balance. Ensure you are signed up to receive our emails as we will be sending you lots of perks directly to your inbox. You can sign up to our emails here

  • What are the advantages of becoming an It List member?+

    Our rewards program is a tiered program that allows you to earn more perks the more you engage and shop with us. You will receive points for every dollar you spend, that you can then use to get discounts off future purchases or add exclusive gifts to your orders - like the hottest pair of sunnies.
    You can also earn points by creating an account, signing up for texts and emails, levelling up a tier, or following our social channels. You also will receive money-cant-buy perks like exclusive launches, a gift on your birthday, VIP customer care access and entry into a secret community group. You can see the full list of perks available for each tier in the table above.


  • I already have an account. Do I need to create a new one to earn rewards?+

    You are already on The It List! All customers with an active account are automatically enrolled in our rewards program. If you had more than one customer account with us, please note that only one rewards account has been created per person.

  • Where can I find all my rewards account info?+

    This rewards page is your roadmap to all your points and perks.

  • Will I receive points for purchases I made prior to creating my rewards account?+

    Yes you can earn points as a Guest, however you will not be able to redeem those points. To redeem points you will need to create an account and ensure you are logged in when you are checking out.
    Your purchases from 1 Jan 2021 will be allocated as points in your account on the launch of the program.

  • Can I combine my emails or accounts?+

    Unfortunately we are unable to merge accounts or emails.

  • Does it cost anything to begin earning points?+

    No way. It’s 100% free to join the It List.


  • How do I redeem points?+

    You can exchange your points for some pretty awesome rewards, including dollar value discounts off your next shop and VIP gifts. Points can be redeemed on your order at checkout in values of $10, $15, and $20 on minimum spend of $60. Points can also be redeemed on exclusive products for varying points levels. You cannot redeem points on Outlet sale items or on any orders that have been paid using a store credit or gift card as the payment method.

  • How do points convert to dollars?+

    To put it simply, 1 point = $1. You can convert points in batches:
    100 points = $10
    150 points = $15
    200 points = $20
    You can use these points on any order over $60.

  • How do I earn points?+

    For starters you will get 25 points just for joining the It List. You will also receive a point for every dollar spent (excluding shipping and taxes), and you will get a bonus of 50 points for every second purchase you make. Aside from purchases you can also earn points through liking our social channels, signing up to our email and SMS, for every second purchase you make with us, and moving up to a new tier. You will not earn points on orders returned for a refund, refunded orders (eg. cancellations), or purchases using gift cards or store credit as the payment method.

  • Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?+

    Nope! That’s the best part of being on the It List. You will always have an opportunity to earn with us and the perks will just keep getting better.

  • Can I transfer points between the AU and US sites?+

    Points are separate between all our sites, so unfortunately you cannot transfer points.

  • I am trying to use a code and points but it’s not working?+

    You can only use points OR a discount code, both cannot be used in the same transaction.


  • Can I return my order if I redeemed points for a discount?+

    Yes you sure can. If you are returning the entire order for a monetary refund, we will refund the total dollar amount spent after the discount was applied. The points you used to redeem the discount will also be added back into your rewards account. If you receive a store credit as the return resolution, you will keep the points acquired on the order but will not earn points when you use that store credit on a new order. If you return part of the order for a refund, your redeemed points will not be returned to your account. Any points earned on the items you have kept on this purchase (i.e. not returned) will remain on your account.

  • I’ve earned points/VIP tier with my last purchase, but now I want to return it. What will happen to my reward?+

    If you use your rewards towards a purchase and later decide to return that item for a refund, your rewards will be credited back to your rewards account. For example, if you use a $10 coupon towards a $100 purchase that you decide to return, the $90 balance will be refunded and the $10 reward credit will be deposited back into your rewards account. The points earned on this order will be removed from your account if you are receiving a refund for the return. If you receive a store credit for your return you will keep the points acquired but will not earn points when you use the store credit on a new order. If you return part of the order for a refund, your redeemed credit will not be returned to your account. Any points earned on the items you have kept on this purchase (i.e. not returned) will remain on your account.


  • Do points ever expire?+

    Points are valid for 12 months from when you earnt them. Your points will expire after one year of inactivity - such as redeeming points or placing an order.


  • How is my VIP Tier determined?+

    Your VIP tier is determined by the amount you spend in a rolling 12 month period from the time you created an account, or the launch of the program on 8 October 2021, excluding any refunded amount.

  • How do I know which rewards tier I am in?+

    Sign into your account and check the table above to see what tier you are in and all the perks available to you.

  • What is ‘early access to sales’?+

    Certain tier levels will receive select sale emails ahead of all the other BB Babes so you get first dibs on all the best sale styles.

  • What are double point days?+

    These are special offers just for our VIPs where you can earn double points on every dollar you spend, meaning more points to transfer into dollars and products! You will receive emails letting you know when we are running our double point days.

  • How will I know when I reach a new tier?+

    When your total points cross the tier threshold, you will receive an email welcoming you into the tier and outlining all your new perks. You will also receive one-off tier entry bonus points for you to spend. Due to our return window, we will not notify you of your tier change until 30 days after your purchase.


  • Time+

    Once you enter a tier, you will be in that tier for one (1) year from the date you entered it. Make sure to keep interacting with the program to maintain your status. If you do not spend or interact within the program within those 12 months, you will be moved down to the appropriate tier.


  • Why didn’t I earn points on my purchase?+

    You will not earn points if you return your items for a monetary refund, or if your order is cancelled and refunded for any reason. You need to be logged into your account to see your points balance at any time.

  • I should have earned points for a purchase or incentive but I didn't see my account balance change?+

    The first thing to note is there may be a delay in our systems communicating and points could take anywhere from minutes to several hours to appear in your account. However if you are still not seeing points show up in your account try these tricks:
    1. Refresh your browser or the app
    2. Log out and back into your account
    3. Check your Rewards History in your rewards account to see if they are showing there.

    If you still feel like your points balance is inaccurate you can contact our customer care team on and they will look into it for you.

  • I received an error message when referring friends through the referral box. What happened?+

    You may have entered the email address incorrectly by mistake or forgot to put commas between emails to separate them. Try entering the emails one by one or typing it back in again to see if that fixes the problem. If you are still having trouble please contact our customer care team on so they can look into it for you.

  • I’ve referred friends but haven’t got my $20.+

    Love you for referring friends! We really appreciate it.
    Referred friends must be first time customers in order for both of you to receive the referral rewards, and their order must have a minimum spend of $100. Also the referral must be initiated through our rewards referral box on your personal rewards page or through the use of your unique referral link also found there.
    You will receive your $20 via email as soon as your friend completes their first order on our website.

  • I can’t see my points history in the app+

    Unfortunately you can only see your balance in the app. To view your history, please log in to your account on the desktop.


  • How can I get a birthday reward?+

    Add your birthday under ways to earn points on the Rewards page. On your birthday, we will send you a special discount code via email which is valid for 30 days from your bday on any order over $50.


  • How is my free shipping applied at checkout?+

    As a Girls Bathroom member (hi!) your free shipping will automatically be applied at checkout - just remember to make sure you’re signed in!

  • How do I redeem my rewards at checkout?+

    To redeem your points in checkout, use the drop down box above your cart total and choose the amount you would like to apply. Points cannot be redeemed on items from the Outlet Sale or if you are using store credit/gift card as the payment method.

  • How do I redeem products with my points?+

    Add products to your cart from the rewards page - there it will show you how many points are needed for you to redeem.

  • I am trying to use a code and points but it’s not working?+

    You can only use points OR a discount code, both cannot be used in the same transaction.

  • Why can't I see products for redemption in the app?+

    Unfortunately, you can only redeem points for product by logging in and checking out on our desktop version of the website.